Management Consultant, Author, international Keynote Speaker and University Lecturer.


More than 25 years experience.

For more than two decades, ERNO MARIUS OBOGEANU-HEMPEL has been a visionary, lateral thinker and recognized expert in the fields of digitalization, strategy, OKR, digital transformation and innovation.

Through his active work in Silicon Valley, he has experienced a digital mindset, learned new methodologies and approaches – and successfully introduced them to European companies.

With his interdisciplinary expertise in business, team organization, leadership, product and technology, he has transformed the way companies think and act in a pioneering way – from the role as C-level leader, multiple start-up founder and as a consultant. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations.

He is a management consultant, author, international keynote speaker and university lecturer. ERNO MARIUS OBOGEANU-HEMPEL inspires and motivates in his lectures with practice-oriented impulses for the digital transformation of companies.

The expert for digitalization, strategy, OKR,  digital transformation and innovation encourages to break new ground and to take action.


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A Personal Word

“With experience from both the startup world and the world of large companies, I’ve gotten to where I am today.

My time as a multiple startup founder and as a C-level executive and consultant in small, medium and large companies have inspired me and is the foundation I build my knowledge on.

As a serial entrepreneur with innovative ideas in different industries with financing from business angels, German venture capital companies, well-known Silicon Valley venture capital companies and strategic investors – as well as a consultant for smaller companies, I got to know the startup world.

As a C-level executive and as a consultant, I was also able to get to know the world of medium-sized and large companies as well as corporations in various countries of the world.

I have learned that large companies, in particular, have difficulties keeping up with the speed of start-ups. But disruption can affect any company – therefore my advice is: “Disrupt or be disrupted”.

From this experience, my passion has grown to connect these companies with the start-up know-how and culture – and accompany them on their way to sustainable growth.

Digitization, big data and artificial intelligence are already changing our world significantly today. In line with the motto “The best way to predict the future is to create it”, I give impulses in my lectures on how companies can become even more successful with their products and services, how employees can become even more committed, motivated and satisfied – and thus making the world an even better place.


Management Consultant

An entrepreneur who advises entrepreneurs and executives

ERNO MARIUS OBOGEANU-HEMPEL supports companies with his interdisciplinary knowledge of business, product and technology – in the areas of digitalization, strategy, digital transformation, innovation, agile team organization and leadership.


Consulting boutique and recruitment agency

ERNO MARIUS OBOGEANU-HEMPEL is founder, managing director and partner of DigitalWinners, a consulting boutique and recruitment agency for digitalization, strategy, digital transformation and innovation.

University Lecturer

Innovation and New Work expert

Since September 2018, ERNO MARIUS OBOGEANU-HEMPEL is active as an external lecturer at the Fresenius University in Munich for the course “Digital Innovation” for the master programs “Digital Management, M.A.” and “Digital Psychology, M.Sc.” as well as since September 2021 for the course “Creative Tools & Design Thinking” for the master program “Corporate Communications, M.A.” – and since March 2023 for the course “Agile Organizations & New Work” for the master programs “Digitale Management and Leadership, M.Sc.”.


ERNO MARIUS OBOGEANU-HEMPEL is the author of various books by renowned publishers and for renowned online magazines.

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