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ERNO MARIUS is a visionary, out-of-the-box thinker and leading expert in digital transformation, innovation and team transformation for more than two decades.

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Discover a world of endless opportunities. With customer-centric, iterative and agile methods, you will continue to meet emerging customer demands in the future.




Learn how to create agile team communities from rigid departmental silos. With highly motivated multi-disciplinary teams you will achieve higher effectiveness and efficiency - as well as sustainable innovation.




Leverage the opportunity of digitization and achieve sustainable growth. Higher revenues, higher customer satisfaction and efficient processes will bring you closer to your digital agenda goal. - Higher revenues, higher customer satisfaction and increased efficiency will bring you closer to your ...

Customer Success


higher Chances for Innovation Success


more Efficiency of the Employees through Team Transformation

17% p.a.

Revenue Increase through new Digital Strategy and Execution

Results don’t lie.

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The videos are in German.

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